Houston Patent Infringement Lawyer

Houston Patent Infringement Attorney

Patent infringement is complex, involving time-sensitive information, but Houston patent attorney, Brad, is here to help. Brad is a licensed patent lawyer, who has spent over a decade representing clients in intellectual property infringement matters.

Protecting Your IP Rights

Brad has represented clients in confidential and time-sensitive cases all across the country, with cases involving patent litigation, including California, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Colorado, and (of course) Texas.

Brad’s patent infringement clients include some of the biggest names in the Houston oil and gas arena, such as:

Peak Completions


Brad’s chemical engineering degree is one of the many reasons oil and gas companies trust him as an intellectual property litigation attorney to grasp the technology trade secret at issue. In addition to oil and gas technology, Brad has represented clients in technology relating to food processing, medical instruments, cellular phones, computers, and speakers.


To win a patent infringement lawsuit as a patent owner, you will have to prove your accused infringer practices every element of your patent claims. Your claims are the numbered paragraphs at the end of your patent. An example of mapping the elements in your patent claim to an accused product is shown below:

Patent Infringement analysis example

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Conversely, to win a patent infringement lawsuit as an accused infringer, you will need to prove that your accused device does not contain one of the elements in each asserted patent claim.

In almost every patent case, there will also be a fight about whether the patent at issue is valid.

The most common patent invalidity arguments are:

  1. You were not the first to invent the technology (anticipation),
  2. Your invention is too obvious to deserve patent protection, or
  3. You violated the statutory patent bars by selling or using your invention for more than one year before you filed your patent application.

Accused infringers can also seek to render your patent unenforceable by arguing you committed some sort of fraud in your dealings with the patent office (referred to as “inequitable conduct”) to obtain your patent.

Starting in September 2012, the Patent and Trademark Office (“PTO”) started to allow those accused of infringement to try and invalidate a patent by having the PTO take another look.

This procedure is referred to as an inter partes review or “IPR.” IPRs can only be based on prior art printed publications and usually take about 18 months to complete.

There are advantages and disadvantages to IPRs depending on your individual situation.’



The damages at issue in a patent infringement case to establish an attorney-client relationship are either: (1) lost profits, or (2) a reasonable royalty.

The particular facts of your case will determine which damage calculation method is the best one to use. If there is willful infringement, the damage award in a patent infringement case can be tripled and the law firm’s or any individual’s fees can be added on top of that. Damages in patent infringement cases are usually very high so be sure you have the right person fighting for you.



Brad, a trusted Houston business litigation attorney, has recovered tens of millions of dollars for his patent owner clients, and Brad has defeated multi-million dollar claims for his clients accused of infringement.

Brad also has extensive experience dealing with IPRs filed in conjunction with district court infringement cases so you can expect him to handle both proceedings for you, instead of having to hire (and pay) multiple attorneys or firms.

When you hire Brad, you can expect aggressive and experienced legal representation without breaking the bank. Please contact our office as a form of communication in Houston today for your free initial consultation.