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Business Litigation Lawyer

Bradford T. Laney is a litigation lawyer who can help you navigate through tough legal disputes your business may encounter. When your business faces a legal dispute, Brad knows it is your livelihood and reputation on the line. As a commercial litigation attorney, he has spent over a decade successfully representing some of Houston’s largest companies.

Examples of some of Brad’s current and former clients include:

Brad has in-depth experience fighting–and winning–all types of business disputes, including the following:

Breach of Contract

Contracts are the life blood of all companies, making sure parties stick to their word. A breach of contract lawsuit generally involves the following:

  • (1) the existence of a valid and enforceable agreement between parties,
  • (2) a breach of that agreement by one of the parties, and
  • (3) damage caused as a result of that breach.

Breach of Fiduciary Duty

A “fiduciary” is someone that owes you a special duty to act in your best interest, such as your business partner or attorney.

When that someone decides to breach their duty to act in your best interest (often deciding to serve their own interests instead), then you are entitled to compensation for their misguided and self-dealing actions.



When it comes to a business making money, fraud has unfortunately become a common practice to further that goal. Fraud exists when:

  • (1) someone makes a representation to you that he or she knows to be false,
  • (2) the representation was made with the intent that you rely on it, and
  • (3) your reliance on that representation caused you injury.

Tortious Interference

Just when you have your business running like clockwork, someone steps in to throw sand in the gears. Tortious interference occurs when:

  • (1) you have a valid contract,
  • (2) someone willfully and intentionally interferes with that contract, and
  • (3) their interference causes you to suffer damage.

Theft of Trade Secrets and Unfair Competition

Many companies run off of their secret competitive advantages, which cost millions of dollars to research and develop.

Stealing these trade secrets are the goals of competing businesses. If your trade secret is misappropriated, then you may be entitled to recover damages for the injury you suffer.


Professional Negligence

Companies often hire professionals to help with portions of their operations that require a certain expertise, such as attorneys and accountants.

When these professional fail to perform their duties–and it cost you money–then you will likely have a claim for professional negligence.


Trademark Infringement

You’ve spent years building up the credibility of your company’s mark only to have someone come along and copy it to steal your customers.

This is called trademark infringement, and you’re likely able to recover damages associated with someone using your goodwill.


Business Disparagement

Competitors often make up lies about companies to steal their customers. This type of disparagement is not only unethical, but also illegal.

You may be entitled to recover damages under libel and slander causes of action.


Non-Compete Clauses

Non-Compete clauses are often built into employees’ contracts and litigation involving these clauses comes up when an employee leaves to go to a competing operation.


Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act

Texas Business and Commerce Code § 17 is referred to as the Texas Deceptive Trade Practice Act or “DTPA.”

This statute protects consumers from false, misleading, or deceptive acts from companies or individuals.

The DTPA also protects consumers, when warranties are made and then breached.


Oil and Gas Litigation

Houston is the energy capital of the world. Businesses here run into all types of disputes in the oil and gas industry, such as royalty disputes, supply contract issues, service contract issues, insurance issues, price-fixing, market manipulation, and regulatory issues.


Houston Business Litigation Attorney

When your business is facing a legal challenge, put Brad’s experience in your corner, who is a trusted Houston business attorney.

Brad will provide efficient, effective, and affordable representation to make sure you achieve the most favorable result for your business. Brad has been practicing patent litigation in Houston, along with various other business litigation matters, for over a decade.

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